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Shockerinc 3 days ago

*French Onion

I've had over 7 different menu items and I've never been disappointed. Even my picky Italian family likes it. The french sauce is the best I've ever had. Perfect blend of butter and lemon.

Abhic.Ads 6 days ago

Asian Salad

this was perfect. the dressing, the chicken everything was good. It was better than my expectation

Mads2022 18 days ago

Seafood Bisque

Love love love the Pub! I travel from Macedon often. Seafood bisque is the best ever! The warm dinner rolls I can't get enough of! I like to order specials as they are always amazing. Have never had a bad meal and service has always been the best! Actually ordering take out tonight :)

Jamie.Barry924 23 days ago

Chicken French Panini

This chicken French panini is AMAZING and hands down the best meal I have ever had. I love how the sauce is served on the side as to not completely Drench the sandwich. I refuse to even try anything else because it's that good

Brittanyquinzi 26 days ago

*Bavarian Pretzels

The Bavarian pretzels are excellent! The crunchy pretzels are coated with a light dusting of seasonings and have just the right amount of oil in order to make them savory and not too greasy. Pair it with the outstanding cheese sauce which is peppered with bits of jalapeños and you have the perfect bite!

Itsarah520 30 days ago

Chicken French•

The chicken French is amazing! In fact every time I have been there I have not been disappointed with the food! There is always something for everyone and it is the perfect location for a girl's night out, date night or family night! The desserts are AMAZING as well!

Ksiriphanthong about 1 month ago

Pub Plate

I am no connoisseur but I do love garbage plates! I have been to basically every joint that serves plates and this is one of the best ones so far. Fresh beef used for the burgers, perfect medium rare or however you want it cooked, they come with tator tots but I love the waffle fries, and the homemade mac salad completes the meal. I am not a fan of hot sauce on my plate, so I get it on the side but it has a nice kick without being to over the top. All in all I enjoy buying plates from here along with their other food. It's a hidden gem in Webster and I am glad they opened up! As long as I have the time and money I will always come back!

Guest about 1 month ago

Athena Greek

Fresh and delicious Dressing was tasty and not too heavy . Chicken was marinated perfectly.

Nichole2223 about 1 month ago

*French Onion

The Cuban is awesome dipped in the French onion soup

Sharon 2 months ago

Haddock French•

Absolutely love this dish! Generous portion and able to have it over pasta or greens on request. Definitely one of my favorites 👍🏻

Guest 3 months ago

*The Wedge

We love this place! Great food and service. Always a treat.

Obbadda 3 months ago

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

I'm not an enormous fan of Chicken Parm... Once in while I like a good CP sandwich. This is one of the BEST I've ever had. Lightly battered, fried crispy, quality cheese (not "cheese food"), and a big, Philadelphia-Italian quality roll. Crave-able and now requires regular fulfillment for me! Note: it's enormous.

Guest 4 months ago

French Dip

Large sandwich, tasty roast beef that is not dry.

Heather 5 months ago

Chicken French•

My hubby ordered this and I wish I had. I enjoyed several bites and it was so flavorful!

Heather 5 months ago

Fish Sandwich

Good fish sandwich. Really large portion could have done with just a half.

Robert 6 months ago

*Grandpa Hank's Roast Beef

Great flavor and tender

Gvalone 7 months ago

Mac & Cheese

The blend of cheeses in their Mac ń Cheese is a knock out!! The best I've ever had, honestly!!

Mkeys1 3 days ago

Strip Steak

Most tender ny strip I've ever eaten. Found out they source the meat from a ranch in the Midwest and it is just fantastic. I've eaten ny strip in over 50 restaurants and it has always been a bit chewy but not at the Pub. Try it you will like it. Also have tried several of their soups and always have been surprised on the upside.

Karen 9 days ago

Chicken French Panini

I cannot begin to describe how good this sandwich is!! I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed!!

Missd14580 20 days ago

Chicken French Panini

love the Chicken French Panini. The French dipping sauce on the side makes it wonderful. I would like it a little thicker to stay on the sandwich. I very seldom get anything else when I order This dish is better when dining in rather then take out.

Katbai130 24 days ago


It's the best Cosmo I've ever had. The bartenders mix it with just the right amount of ingredients. I order it every time I go there.

Shmance22 26 days ago

*The Harvest

Absolutely delicious. My grandma and I come here every Monday and get this salad. Highly recommended and very filling! Enjoy!

Rzollweg425 about 1 month ago

Spicy Fried Cheese Curds

The cheese curds are phenomenal. They got a nice kick to them and try it paired with their marinara. You wont be disappointed. My mom took me here the 1st time last summer and we constantly get take out now. Ive tried the turkey blt, pub plate, chicken french, chicken parm, steak and all have been excellent. The specials are hit or miss though, we tried the chicken philly pizza and it had way too many under cooked toppings. I would definitely recommend trying this hidden gem in Webster

Colon Pamela about 1 month ago

Pub 235 Classic

I'm the pickiest meat eater there is so it's hard finding meat or a meal to be cooked how I like it. The Pub235 burger is AMAZING. I am hooked. The sauce and the juiciness of the meat is to die for. You will not find a better burger, in fact, as I am finishing up this review I'm getting ready to place an order for a burger! 😀

Nichole2223 about 1 month ago

Pub Cuban Sandwich

It is one of the best

Julielanovara about 2 months ago

*The Harvest

My husband and I eat at the Pub often. We love the food and I really like a Cosmopolitan. The staff is always friendly.

Marge 3 months ago

Asian Salad

It's also great with grilled chicken or steak! All tasty!

Guest 3 months ago

Artichoke French

The best I've had!

Rachel 4 months ago

*The Wedge

This place is always the "go-to," in my family. Great food, and staff treats you like family. We love it! Keep up the good work you guys!! You're the best in Webster!!!!!

Heather 5 months ago

Salted Caramel Cookie

This alone is worth a visit!

Heather 5 months ago

French Fries

Good well seasoned well cooked fries.

Heather 5 months ago

Seafood Bisque

Delicious, thick and chucked full of seafood. The bowl portion is very large.

Veronica 7 months ago

*Grandpa Hank's Roast Beef

Fabulous sandwich !